Learn the Intraday trading Techniques & Mantras from Famous Legend Chanakya. Who doesn’t remember the legend Chanakya? The famous personality known for vishnagupta and kautilya was born in 4 century B.C. India. Chanakya Is said to have master mind and became mastermind in different field like management, law, leadership, Finance etc. Chanakya Niti gives various sutras/niti for the financial success in Intraday Trading. Here are the lessons from his book.

The sutras of arthashashtra are classified according chanakya himself.

Chanakya Niti gives various sutras/niti for the financial success. Here are the lessons from his book.

Intraday Trading Success Mantra’s from Chanakya NITI

  • After adequate planning always start a work.
  • Planning is inevitable for the success. Same way trader should have good planning plan in hand
  • A good planning produces good results even in unfavorable condition
  • The niti says if your work is properly planned then it will give good result. In poor market situation the plan will fetch more profit.
  • Planning helps you to show some light in the life where the part shows darkness.
  • Planning also helps in adverse condition. E.g if you have not made any emergency fund then you can suffer in emergency situations.

Risk Assessment

  • Before starting the work one should weigh one’s capacity before starting work
  • You should assessment for the investment before you start in order to formulate the Investment Strategy
  • Wear ornaments according to financial capacity
  • Overspending may kill you so always spend according to the capacity and income.

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Investment Planning

  • Without any distortion there is no jewel
  • Find the limitation for Investment before taking Investment decision
  • Select the best from the work which have sustainable value
  • Select the Investment tool which have stability
  • The goddess lakshmi abandons the person who starts work without examining the opportunities.
  • Invest only in that investment options which are as per your financial goal
  • The accumulated wealth is saved as per the spending of the business or charity or investing profitably.
  • Invest according to the suitability and opportunities and invest instead of parking in saving account.

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By Nifty Trading Academy